C40 Wall kitchen with central island

1321370726 C40 Wall kitchen with central island Steellart

Place: Modena

Stainless steel kitchen consisting of linear wall elements and of a central island with counter to have a snack. The wall unit includes the washing and food preparation area made up of a single stainless steel worktop, 4 metres in width, with 2 large sinks and wide work area. Some base cabs, i.e. the cabs under the sink, the dishwasher and the drawers, are closed, the other cabs are open, such as the wheeled oven and the wheeled waste sorting bin.

The central island is for cooking and is equipped with 4 aligned gas burners and tailor-made island extractor hood width 180x59 cm, having a 1000 m3/h suction capacity. A set of practical baskets included in the base cabs enable to store a large quality of pots and kitchen fittings.

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