C48 Brown-Steel kitchen

1354377384 C48 Brown-Steel kitchen Steellart
1354359051 C48 Brown-Steel kitchen Steellart

Kitchen centre with worktop made of 12 mm thick stainless steel and with integrated sink and hob so as to form a single piece. Stainless steel backsplash. Base cabs width 45 and 60 (including the built-in dishwasher width 45 cm) with doors covered with Cor-Ten steel.

Dimensions width 210 x62x height 89.2 cm


Steel in the kitchen: Corten

Cor-ten, a material that has been used for many years to make our cities nicer and alluring and can make our houses warmer and glamorous. Architects and artists appreciate it not only for its extraordinary technological performances, but also for its aesthetical features.

Why Cor-ten shouldn't be used to make the interiors of our homes more pleasant and refined?

STEELLart has been proposing several furnishing solutions for years: bookcases, bottle cases, frames, tables, fireplaces and showers. From furnishing accessories to kitchens (see picture, mod. Brown Steel) it is a short step. The Cor-ten kitchens by Steellart are focused on design and appearance, yet they are absolutely user-friendly and able to meet the requirements of the person who cooks every day for his/her family.

Cor-ten plays an important role even in the more advance kitchens, while keeping its warm colour and nuances. Brown Steel Kitchen by STEELLart is a kitchen that makes the most of the features of this kind of steel: its stainless steel worktop is absolutely practical and essential thanks to the integrated sink and hob, yet the door Cor-Ten cover makes it warmer and more pleasant. Cor-ten embellishes the kitchen, bringing it one step up. A warm meeting place for the whole family.

BROWN STEEL technical details:

it is made up of kitchen units having a customized stainless steel worktop in Tampico steel finishing combined with doors covered with Cor-ten, which gives an innovative appearance to the kitchen thanks to its typical colour. The kitchen centre is provided with 2 doors width 45 cm and 2 doors width 60 cm.

The main feature of the COR-Ten steel is that it protects itself against the electrochemical corrosion due to weathering by forming a thick passivating layer on its surface. Such layer is usually brown-coloured and is made up of the oxides of its alloy elements that prevent the corrosion from spreading.  

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