Steellart means a new way of living that changes the kitchenette and the dinette as they used to be in the past. The kitchen isn’t just a technical room where you stay the time needed for cooking food, on the contrary it turns into a friendly and comfortable space; in the kitchen you can have your meals with your family and your friends, chat and spend your free time. The kitchen becomes a central and user-friendly space of your home where you can work, study, read: a room where you enjoy staying.

In the new Steellart kitchens the kitchenette and the dinette aren’t two separate rooms any more: they become in fact an open space where you prepare food and chat with your friends at the same time; the working area with sink, cooker hob and oven faces the dining table instead of the wall, which encourages a pleasant conversation.

The peninsula and the island kitchen enable to make the most of any space, especially the worktops we can never have enough. Moreover the cooker hob configuration changes and the burners are side by side: moving the heavy pots becomes easier, you don’t need to hold them up, just push them from one burner to another.

Removing smells is an important step to make your kitchen as comfortable as possible: the old kitchen hoods using the poorly effective cloth filter are replaced by new models equipped with suction engines combining high-performance with absolutely low noise level: your kitchen is quiet and you can chat undisturbed.

Modern kitchens shall be not only user-friendly and equipped with safe appliances, they shall also pursue beauty and offer nice design solutions. The paintings that used to be on the dinette walls are still present in the modern design kitchens as they make the ambiance cosy and welcoming. Steellart is an example of the strong interaction between art and design.

Nowadays there is little time to do the shopping, that’s why a large integrated fridge/freezer is useful to keep the weekly shopping. Even in this case Steellart is able to offer practical design solutions, that is fridges equipped with powerful engines and well-insulated thick walls able maintain a constant temperature.

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