Steellart was opened in 2002 by Giorgio Gamberini. He was born in Friuli, then he moved to Rome and finally to Piacenza where he performed his studies up to the Secondary School. Then he started the Politecnico University in Milan and took a degree in mechanical engineering.

After ending his studies he had been working for several years in a leading company manufacturing machine tools; he was in charge of studying and developing flexible centres for the machining of mechanical components. He became an expert on different materials such as steel, cast iron, aluminium, and titanium. As an employer of the same company, he had been working in the USA for three years, and then he came back to Piacenza and was in charge of foreign markets, a job that required frequent travels to all European countries.

In 1994 he started his job at Foster, a company specialized in the production of stainless steel sinks, cooker hobs and electric appliances, which counted the leading kitchen brands among its customers. First he was a Sales Manager and then he became General Manager, a position enabling him to get in touch with a variety of different realities about the world of kitchens both in Italy and abroad. Foster exported its products in more than forty countries all over the world, so Gamberini got the opportunity to visit Far and Middle East countries, Oceania, North and South America, thus getting a wealth of international experiences.

During these trips he had the chance to cultivate his passion for the arts. He visited galleries, museums, picture galleries all over the world and witnessed the changes in international customs and traditions.

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